Friday, November 19, 2010


Through the slits of my barely opened eyes, I see the world, bright and blurry. Faces come into focus, all looking down at me--a me, I soon realize, that is laying on the floor. I recognize the feeling--the struggle to remember exactly how I ended in this position--and I know I've fainted. I search my mind for the pieces that will explain how or why, but before anything concrete forms, I feel I'm being pulled back into the world of hazy unconsciousness.

I stand in a world of white. The silky white robe I wear is cool against my legs. The white ground on which I stand is soft beneath my bare feet. I see you sitting on your white throne.

"You brought me here," I say. You smile sweetly.
Your gaze cuts me apart like a knife, but I manage to hold myself together.
"I wanted you."
At your words, I crumble to the ground, overcome by a feeling that penetrates every layer of my being so sweetly and intensely.
The floor is soft and invites me.

For a few undefinable moments, I lay there.

You join me on the ground. You wrap your arms around me and hold me close. The inner explosion intensifies exponentially, but it is not unbearable--your embrace is calming.

And so, as we begin to breathe in sync with each other, our hearts melt into one.

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