Sunday, November 7, 2010


We are in an elevator.
We are headed to "The Chamber." I know of this place, and that it is very, very good.
I know that what happens there is heavenly, and beyond my wildest dreams, yet does not matter so much, because I am with you.

Anticipation is high.

The ambiance is specific to this moment--to the electricity that's raging between the hungry hearts of two lovers; to the eagerness that thickens the air, augmented by time itself, and to everything that's eminating from your very person--I feel things towards you in an intensity that I have never known.

You stand there on the opposite side of the elevator. You watch me intently, your eyes vehement with a holy lust for me and a fierce desire to own my heart in every way.

I feel for you a new kind of awe and adoration that is rooted in a rapterous kind of fear in its purest form--I know who you are. This ambiance, together with your gaze, creates the quintessance of my deepest desire.

We take the elevator down, down, down. All the way to the bottommost floor. The moment the elevator floor hits the ground level, it is saturated. My legs soak up this substance and carry it up and into my entire being.

I am weakened.

The doors open; I follow you out. You take me by the hand and lead me eagerly, yet ever so gently into the chamber in which I become all and only yours.