Wednesday, October 30, 2013


It’s dark. I hardly see you but for the flame in your eyes.
It rages, as always.

You step closer. I know your intention.
The flame grows.

Your hand comes up and to my chest.
You press at first gently…
...and then firmly.

I take a step back to keep my balance.

You keep pressing.
I keep stepping.

You are pushing me backwards, ever so slowly.
I end up against a wall.

You advance.
I feel the heat of your fire.

Our bodies, flush--because that’s what you do.
The fire escapes you and catches on me.

The heat in my chest,
in my arms,
in my legs.
Wherever you touch me, it grows.

You lean in.

You lean in and say nothing.

You lean in and say nothing--No, you only take a breath.

You exhale.
Your breath pours out and over me.
I’m flooded with your ecstasy.
I’d fall, save that you’re pinning me between you and the wall.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Hunch

Oh, hello.
Fancy seeing you here.
Of all places...
of all days.

I didn't see your shoes.
I should have looked at your shoes.

I wonder...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Note

This urge within to breathe again is fading like the day;
As night begins I wonder when my life will slip away.
If darkness breaks, the sun escapes and brings with it the dawn:
T'will look upon this cold hard ground and find my body gone.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

This Indefinable Heart

What do you want with me?
I am a bag of broken bones. A cluttered group of attempts at something meaningful, a continuous string of desires and ideas. I am corporeal and undefinable, I am literal and imaginary.
These pieces inside this mess of atoms are only pieces--and if you sew them together, they make a body.
This indefinable heart and this ambiguous soul are fading quickly, falling slowly into an end that could be grand and could be deadly. 
This indefinable heart--to whom does it belong? 
Were it mine, I've long since lost it. I've thrown it to the dogs and tossed it in an ocean and dropped it down a well and left it in a cave. 
And you. You've only let me do it. 
This indefinable heart is only pieces now--and what good is debris to you? Splinters and shards of something that was partial to begin with. 

What do you want with me?
What good am I to you?

When I plead, you refuse. When I run, you pursue. 

Seems to me I'm the only one who as any idea what they want. 
Because you're just making a mess.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Queen of Hearts

Here's the thing: I meant It when I said that I was done, 
but you're so keen on sabotaging my plans like it's fun. 
Well, news flash, jerk--this war is mine--despite you, I will win. 
Tell me, just how many times do you think you have won? 
Cause by my books, love's bested you--no, you've not beat it once.
I hold the keys. You're powerless, despite your stupid grin.
Rest assured that I will end you if you try again.  

Monday, June 3, 2013

Blood Runs Cold

This choice, right here--it's infamous.
The war between the heart and flesh
unravels me: I'm fighting blind--
fifteen steps and still behind.

Do you think It matters now?
Is your heart unbroken?
Do you feel this bleeding heart
that's constantly cut open
and that's beating still--yes, in your hands.
Dead blood runs cold. You understand,
for once you let your heart explode
and cover your beloved--hold on to it, love,
and if you dare, place it in your rib cage,
bare from where your heart once used to be
and then you'll get the best of me.

Friday, May 24, 2013

These Are Fighting Words

Two worlds collide;
two enemies
are fighting for
the best of me.
I pour my words
into a book
That may never be read.

The differences
are hard to see--
What comes from Him?
What comes from me?
I pour my heart
into fake words
that never will be said.