Wednesday, October 30, 2013


It’s dark. I hardly see you but for the flame in your eyes.
It rages, as always.

You step closer. I know your intention.
The flame grows.

Your hand comes up and to my chest.
You press at first gently…
...and then firmly.

I take a step back to keep my balance.

You keep pressing.
I keep stepping.

You are pushing me backwards, ever so slowly.
I end up against a wall.

You advance.
I feel the heat of your fire.

Our bodies, flush--because that’s what you do.
The fire escapes you and catches on me.

The heat in my chest,
in my arms,
in my legs.
Wherever you touch me, it grows.

You lean in.

You lean in and say nothing.

You lean in and say nothing--No, you only take a breath.

You exhale.
Your breath pours out and over me.
I’m flooded with your ecstasy.
I’d fall, save that you’re pinning me between you and the wall.

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