Thursday, October 15, 2009


Here's the thing that baffles me.

Beyond the morning, and the means by which I awoke;
Beyond the fighting, and the many times I failed;
Beyond the answered prayer -- oh, that prayer. The one formed from whispers and dreams.

Even now, it resonates.


Beyond the seconds following, and my many, many wonderings.
Oh, beyond all that.

Here's the thing that baffles me. Beyond all that, you knew. You knew then, and while, and now, and forever.
And you choose to forget.

But you've always had the upperhand.

And here's the truth--

It hurts so bad.
Isn't this where I fall into your arms?
I think so. And I would, if I had not just finished running one hundred miles in the wrong direction.

Because now, I'm far to weak to run all the way back.

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