Sunday, August 9, 2009

You Are Universe

And my heart could melt in your hands, if you wanted. But you like to feel my heart beat against your chest.
So you keep it whole, and wrapped in gold, which came rushing from yours.

Your heart melted, once. You had so much love. More than it could handle. So it melted from the fire, and came running from your ribcage.

And you didn't have the violence on the inside anymore, so you didn't keep your breath. You gave it away.

Three words, and you managed to melt my heart...

My hands drip with red. in a pretty pool at your feet, not a beat, but a swell. And the swirl comes not from mine and yours (for you are Universal) but rather, from what's dripping from your toes:

You took my violence and made it yours, and you turned it into water.