Friday, August 14, 2009


Words beside a picture. Only one of them is lying.
Muscles, bones, and fury take the form of fire dying.
In the fury of a storm, electricity and water
become one in violent union -- all the rain falls on a daughter.
She is crying out for Daddy. How her heart breaks knowing how she,
In the matter of a moment, broke His heart -- but He has one plea:

What's it going to take, my love, for you to finally see
The way my heart goes wild when you tell me that you love me?
What's it going to take for you to finally accept
That I am wildly in love with you -- my longing never left.

And so it was:

Whispers in the night catch the wooden match of passion,
The fire of desire consumes a nearby sinner.
Running blindly, staggered, love-drunk,
Alcoholic beggar flaming...
Being neither strait nor human, so the ashes take the winner.

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