Thursday, March 12, 2009


This one is not so vivid, but equally mind-blowing.  A hug -- no, an embrace, a tight, loving, passionate embrace...and then the explosion.
The one that happens within, igniting every single fiber of my body, the one that lets me know without a doubt that He is very, very near.
And for that moment, that moment that it lasts, I am lost in the most passionate love I could ever know.

But here's something I do not expect: When the moment comes that it would end (for it usually doesn't last longer than a minute or so), I am astounded to find that not only does it continue, but it intensifies.

Here, I understand.

And it is indescribable. It continues and I am lost in my wild love for Him, and His for me. 
But then the moment comes when I pray, "No more." It is a humble request, for I am unable to withstand the increasing intensity of it, however phenomenal.
He responds politely, as He is a gentleman. 

He lingers, and I rest.

I awake, and two questions cross my mind:

Why can't I have it? 
Why would I ask not to?

Now, I wait.

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