Thursday, March 19, 2009


Can words or thoughts, or pictures or art, or rhythm or rhyme
Describe this fight?
Entendres or parallels, paradox or paradigm?
Can time?
Can past or present of failure or hope?
Can emotions, explained, or emotions, unknown?
Can knowledge (my own or another's)?

Can depravity speak from the darkness that seeks to consume everything in confusion?
Can knowledge of truth, faced with doubt and thought silence bring clarity and, at best, conclusion?

(The answer not being an absolute one, with absolute meaning all things concrete in all knowledge, and not singled to my own.)
The answer is as wrong as I, and now the question is:
Am I?

Am I worthy? 
Am I known?
Am I abstract and my own?
Am I created or derived from someone else's mold?
(I'm told this mold's primordial, surpassing what I'd ever know)

Am I who, or am I why? Am I what, or am I trying 
Just a little bit too hard?
I favor the latter, the former a twin...
For if I try, I also win.

Am I speaking nonsense?
Will you understand it?
Sure, just as much as I do. 
(I'll let you know If/when I can, but for now...)

I think, therefore I am.

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CalebC said...

I love the subject matter, and making it rhyme makes it even better.