Friday, April 29, 2011

Silly, Silly

True to your ways, you have given me all the answers I needed, and I didn't even have to dig for them. I know it's a silly deciding factor--among deciding factors, it is probably the worst. But the important factors will be there, whether I'm watching for them or not, because you know what's up.
Anyway, it was perfect, the way you stopped my heart in its tracks with such a silly thing as this.
But it works. Oh, it works so well.

You've given me this extraneous standard for such a simple reason--To keep my heart at bay. Instead of traversing about the myriad of complex personality traits that may or may not suit me in a wanderlust to find the ones that do, this one trait stands like a guard at the gates of my heart: Meet the standard, or do not pass.

In the end, your plans are true. I'm well aware that one day, you'll give him to me, and then, I won't need this guard: You will hold my heart in yours, and he will protect it with everything. I'll have my two best to guard those gates.

I won't be reliant on such a silly, silly standard.

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