Tuesday, March 22, 2011


George, oh george, you tried to leave.
What were you thinking?
You used to be my number one!
And now you're number....7?
And hardly on the list, I say.

The rivalries, the rivalries!
Oh, how you made a fool of me.
It was by your suggestions
(and quite honestly, stubborn advice)
that I sought you out so highly.

But alas, I met a guy named Simpleton.
(He sleeps in on sundays.)
A dear old friend, old Simpleton.
(I actually met him on a sunday.
He hit me with a frisbee.)
He has now replaced you, George.

George, oh, george.
Today is not sunday, but if it was,
I'd introduce you to Simpleton.

Be careful, though, for he sleeps in.
He might still be tired and hit you with a frisbee, too.
And that, I think, would be hilarious.

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