Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christmas Party

It's cold outside, so we bustle in. Friends upon friends greet us. Friendly strangers, familiar faces.
Across the way I see my sister; I gleefully run and attack with a hug.
We are giggling. We are giddy at the sight of each other after months of being apart. And as we chat, I see you out of the corner of my eye. Cool and calm, lounging on the couch, drink in hand, chatting with friends.

My heart leaps to my throat.
You're gorgeous. And that's all I know, so I try my hardest not to stare.
There are billions like you in this world. I won't take my eyes off my King.

And so, you receive no second thought from me.

Yet, I can't deny the way you make my heart squirm.
And what's different this time -- He's squirming too. With excitement, I suspect. He's a wonderful mess within me, and I can definitely tell that He's up to something.

Not that I know what that is, yet. But I know it has to do with you.

Then, our eyes meet. As my heart begins to leap again, He seizes it and whispers,


And the rest is His story.

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Nat said...

wow that's really good :)

"And the rest is His story." :)