Friday, May 14, 2010

Letter to the World

Do you realize what you have done? Do you have any idea? You were given the richest of all things, the most beautiful of all beautiful things, the purest of all ideas, and you threw it to the ground. Did you just not recognize it for what it was? Or did your selfish disposition make you myopic and narrow-minded?
You see shackles. I see perfection.
You see an ugly shell. I see protection.
Surely you didn't think, with your pride and your selfishness screaming from your sly smile, that something so pure untainted would reveal itself to you without hesitation?
No. These pearls are far too precious to be handled by your blood-stained, selfish hands. Either you'd throw them to the mud, not knowing what you'd been given, or squander them for your own kind of "wealth".
You are not rich. Not in the slightest. You think you are, but what you think you have is a poor replica, a half-sketched, skewed idea of the real thing. And because you have it in abundance, because you believe it is valuable, you believe that you are rich. You are not rich.
You are poor, you are misguided. You're being lied to. This impostor is selling you something that has every appearance of sweetness and "love", something worth chasing. But beneath that perfect appearance lies something most poisonous. It will ruin you. It will shred your heart and destroy what you thought was "love."
You do not know love. You couldn't see it if you tried. Love seeks not its own fortune. Yet, as you are up to your neck in your "wealth," you are far too stubborn to realize that there is any other fortune to be had.
You're missing out. The one from whom you so faithfully buy your "good things" is merely an impostor, and there is something---someone--out there holding the real thing.
I know Him.
We talk. He's shown me glimpses of this perfect beauty, and let me say this--if the tiny, incomplete glimpse is already better than your half-baked idea, then truly--truly there is something more to this treasure.
But you will never know. Never, because you've settled for a fake.

Open up your eyes. This isn't how it was meant to be.

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