Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Things keep changing. I hope it stays. This way, I can run if I need to.
If they don't stay, well, I will just have to run harder.
The pain is worth it, if I'm right.

I cannot see the end of this one. Not in the least. But who wants to run a path they've seen before?
It's better when the end is hidden. That way, I'll keep running with the assumption that I've got miles and miles more than I actually do. And the end will sneak up on me, and the relief will be sweet.

I love surprises.
And what's a surprise if you've figured out all the clues? The suspense is in the wondering.

The wonder is in the waiting.

Because when I cross that line and claim what's mine, I can look back on the race I've run and know without a doubt that because time was on my side, I won.

So I'll keep running. I have no idea when the end will come. Right now, my weariness makes it seem so far away, and it very well may be.

But who knows? It may sneak up and surprise me, and when I least expect it, I'll be holding the most precious prize:


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