Monday, July 27, 2009


The pleasure of your spirit is not immune to tricky nuances.

He has a way of sneaking in, pushing little buttons of the mind-grid. Smart though, so as to never push the bigger buttons, else I'd know he was there.

He tricked me with nuances.

How sad is it that we would so quickly forsake what we know to be beautiful, that which we know is ours, and forever; that which we know can never be replaced, or taken; that which we know is pure and perfect, because of one tricky, wormy lie?

The conclusion? We are weak, gullible, and vulnerable.

In your hands, we are trusting;

Weak, so that you can be gentle.
Gullible, so that you can steal our hearts.
Vulnerable, so that when you prove that you can't hurt us, we cling easily and strongly.

Oh, my love, you have stolen my heart.

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