Sunday, July 5, 2009


This one's for you.

I decided today that, because I decided I couldn't have you for forever, it was the moments that mattered most.

This moment, I'm giving in.
All the days (And years) I fought, keeping my heart behind cold walls.

Cracks in the bricks,
And the air comes in,
And I taste for a second what I know would be sweet.

Bitterness, invasive, so I hold my tongue.

I'd been awaiting the day that I could loose the reigns on my heart, and maybe whisper (or scream) the quintessence of what's been growing.

But it's not my turn.

A petty pawn, the game's not mine.
You're playing for my heart, not king.
Say "Checkmate," and the game is won.
Heck, say it, whisper, scream it, sing
Hurry, love, don't worry love,
I'd like to say that you've got time
For gambits, but I'll give you one:
You knock the queen, the game is done.
Now play the pawn and find the fun.

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