Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Within myself, I find there is an insatiable hunger for knowledge. Not anything specific. Just knowledge.

Recently, upon reading--an act that I've heard produces all sorts of knowledge--I acquired some of my golden brainfood.
Upon consumption, I suddenly began to wonder if the brain tank of a considerably intelligent human being had a limit. After all, the human brain can only store up to seven things in the short-term memory, and after about seven seconds, it is gone, unless it is reinforced and thus stored in long-term memory.
It is by this that we can assume that the human brain is not absolutely limitless.

So, how limited is it?

I began to ponder this because it seemed as though the new knowledge that I had gained had taken the place of previous knowledge.


I learned of Crazy-Outrageous. It was not new knowledge. It merely reinforced knowledge that already existed.
Reinforced and deepened.
Oh, this well. Endless and thirsty.

In my awe, I found myself unable to make those requests, whose answers are what fill this well.

Who was I, that I should request something that brings me pleasure instead of bringing Him glory?
Who was I, that I should request things out of selfish want, rather than genuine need?

Now, I understand that the filling of this well is no more rooted in my desire for the water than it is His desire to give me the bucket, and delight as I drunkenly drink to my heart's content.


I learned of crazy-outrageous. That is, His crazy, outrageous love, desire, and want for me.

If I were in His position, I'd stop at nothing to see my beloved 's heart wild in pursuit of me, and me alone.

But, I am imperfect. So what does that say about Him?