Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chaos, Chaos

Oh these threads that make my life. I tie them, shred them, cut them, mend them.
Chaos, Chaos, yes, I know you. You are not a new intruder.
Oh this heart that beats uneven, give me something to beleive in.
Waring, waring is the battle. Where's the horse who bears my suitor?

Prince whose name has known full glory, as you fight, please don't ignore me.
In the midst of all the fighting, I place all my hopes in writing.

Knight whose armour works, though rusted, not all your words can be trusted.
You've decieved me more than often. Don't expect my heart to soften
From your eyes. Your game is staged--
I am otherwise engaged.
And while your movements quite engage me,
It's your hesitance that's caged me.

Chaos, chaos. Yes, I'm dancing.
I intend to keep advancing
Avalanche by avalanche.
Every step is one more chance.
Punches thrown here do not matter --
brought by hand or silver platter
In the end, I know I'll beat you,
not by strength, but stronger stance.

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