Friday, June 19, 2009

Relentless (in F)

This battle I fight -- I fail sometimes.
Give me five minutes to ask for forgiveness.

Most of the time, I ask for the fire. For the peace and the feeling (I'm truly forgiven).

For the first time, this was not the case. Indeed, as I sat, busying my mind, not two minutes had gone by.
I began the request: "Forgive--no."
I stopped short, took it back, to which He replied,
"Why not?"
"Why not?"

And with every reply, I could feel Him pushing closer, going deeper, His unrelenting attempt at my heart.
(This one, of course, I could not fight.)

Maybe five minutes had passed by now. I wouldn't know, I had stopped counting.

I was on fire, and most definitely forgiven. And this time, I felt it.

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