Monday, October 27, 2008

A Beginning Of Sorts

I will begin with an explanation.
You may find yourself wondering at the title of this blog. You are not alone. I wonder as well. But I am just that way...I thought it up in seconds, and I liked it.
But, it is not pointless. Usually with things like that -- the random thought-up things, I mean -- Through time, they become more meaningful. Something will be made of nothing, and that is essentially what I plan to do here.
I have a way with words. A gift I am fond of, and very thankful for. But I find that I spend less and less time writing...for the sake of writing.
I write poems and stories, and I enjoy it, too. Don't get me wrong. 
But when have I sat and spent the time to just write? To take the saying of something simple and make it beautiful?
No plots, no rhyme, and quite honestly, very little thought at all.
I plan to express myself. I plan to hone that part in my mind which sees the beauty in every situation. That part that understands the complex beauty of language as a whole.
I harness this gift, and I write. Not only for myself, but for others.
Maybe others will read and understand the way my mind works. Maybe they can tap into these things I experience, yet never can explain.

Maybe, just maybe...

A word that's full of possibilities. Longing. Just like a puppet, hanging by threads connected to an unseen master it cannot escape.

So what if I am a puppet?
But I love my Master. And this puppet will dance.

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